Kumkum Bhagya 24 August 2023 Written Update: Truth Behind [Popular Celebrity’s]

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Kumkum Bhagya 24 August 2023 Written

The episode begins with Vishaka attempting to restrain Akshay. However, Akshay halts her and points out that their performance is missing. He instructs the DJ to play the song and asks Manpreet to remain and watch their performance.

He anticipates a special moment for Ranbir and Prachi, taking a sip of wine and shattering the glass. He questions why they aren’t eager to dance and urges Ranbir to step back, inviting Prachi to dance with him. Akshay questions whether it matters if she doesn’t feel anything, asserting that she is his wife. Ashok intervenes to try and stop Akshay.

In response, Akshay publicly accuses Ranbir of being a lecherous individual who continually pursues his wife like a housefly on jaggery. Prachi is taken aback and calls out Akshay’s name. Ranbir demands an explanation for his accusations, and Akshay alleges that it’s Prachi who instigates and allows Ranbir to touch her.

Ashok is appalled by Akshay’s words and questions his sanity. Akshay, undeterred, insists that the problem lies with Prachi, as she doesn’t prevent Ranbir and allows his advances, making her the one at fault, not Ranbir. He goes on to disparage Prachi, labeling her as unfit for a decent family, calling her vile, cheap, and lacking in character.

Ranbir becomes enraged and strikes Akshay, demanding to know how he dare speak ill of Prachi. A brawl ensues, with Akshay retaliating by headbutting Ranbir. Their violent altercation shocks both the family members and the guests. Abhay attempts to restrain Akshay, while Ashok and Aryan step in to control Ranbir.

Ranbir asserts that Akshay’s comments are baseless and deems him lacking in manners, prompting Akshay to claim that he has successfully proven his point and questions why Ranbir got angry when he was merely addressing his wife. He accuses Prachi of not stopping Ranbir and granting him permission, further fueling Ranbir’s anger, causing him to grab Akshay by the throat.

Prachi implores Ranbir to let go of Akshay for the sake of God. Ranbir questions why he should do so and on what grounds he should leave Akshay. Akshay retorts, suggesting that Prachi has feelings for Ranbir, and when she does, she’ll put a stop to him.

Manpreet, infuriated by Akshay’s words, delivers a resounding slap to him, warning that she’ll forget he’s her son if he utters another word. Prachi, her eyes filled with tears, exits the scene. Ranbir is on the verge of following her. Akshay comments on Ranbir’s intentions to chase after her. Ashok, seething with anger, declares that he doesn’t wish to converse with a drunken man and urges Vishaka to help him sober up.

Vishaka wonders what they should do, and Pallavi offers to prepare a herbal remedy (kada). Vishaka goes to assist Pallavi, while Akshay insists he’s not drunk and accuses them of being blind to Ranbir’s trust while they’re intoxicated. Ashok instructs him to stay quiet. Dida advises them to keep him quiet, cautioning that people are listening and may later mock them.

Pallavi prepares the herbal remedy (kada) and brings it over. They encourage Akshay to drink it. Ranbir takes a more forceful approach and makes him consume it, then inquires when he’ll start feeling better. Pallavi assures him it will take 5-10 minutes.

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