Anupama Upcoming Story Tomorrow: Kinjal’s Startling Discovery About Dimple in Anupama

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Anupama Upcoming Story Tomorrow

In the upcoming storyline of “Anupamaa,” Kinjal’s suspicions will be aroused as she senses something amiss with Dimple.

Recapping recent events in the Anupamaa plot, a significant revelation unfolded at Anuj’s birthday party when he was revealed to be Malti Devi’s long-lost son.

According to the latest Anupamaa spoilers, Kinjal will become attentive to Dimple’s well-being and start to harbor concerns about her health.

In the forthcoming twist of the Anupamaa series, Kinjal and Dimple will be working together in the kitchen when Dimple suddenly experiences dizziness.

Worried about her friend, Kinjal inquires about Dimple’s condition, to which Dimple insists that everything is fine and she’s perfectly okay.

However, Kinjal remains unconvinced by Dimple’s response and begins to suspect that there may be an underlying health issue affecting Dimple.

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