Anupama 21 October 2023 Written Update: Anuj Shatters Malti Devi’s Hopes

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In the episode of Anupamaa on October 21, 2023, Malti Devi takes it upon herself to manage the household, feeling that Anupama doesn’t have the best interests of the Kapadia family at heart.

Anupama 21 October 2023 Written Update

Anuj returns from the police station and his office, where Malti Devi approaches him, expressing her desire to assist with the project files, drawing from her business experience. Anuj gazes at Malti Devi with a somewhat dispassionate demeanor and remarks that she’s certainly adept at profitable transactions, given her past dealings with her own son.

Anuj makes it clear to Malti Devi that he doesn’t require her guidance, as their relationship isn’t one of a close mother and son, and he can manage his work independently.

Barkha and Adhik derive satisfaction from Anuj’s response and use the opportunity to further exacerbate Malti Devi’s discomfort.

And that’s a wrap for today’s episode of Anupamaa. If you’d like to watch the full episode from October 21, 2023, or access all episodes of the Anupamaa Hindi Serial, you can do so by visiting

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